22 hectares of vineyards

The Vineyards

The vineyards cover 22 hectares, with 18 of them producing grapes and three being replanted. They are grown with ancient Tuscan varieties, in the belief they are the secret to embody the local history and terroir at their best, genuinely and faithfully.

In addition to Sangiovese, which comes into its own here, there are other traditional grapes, sometimes rare, sometimes virtually unknown. Such as Colorino, an outstanding Malvasia Nera, and the odd Boggione, also called “ingannacane” or “palle di gatto” by the local farmers.

A lot is being invested in this grape variety, first and foremost a research project and field work that aims at promoting it.  All white grape varieties are indigenous too: Malvasia Bianca and Trebbiano.

The land
The vineyards

``The vineyards cover 22 hectares, with 18 of them producing grapes and three being replanted.``

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The archaeology of wine production

Except for some new plants, our vineyards are definitely old, the result of a painstaking work of reclamation that verges on an “archaeology of wine production”.  You only need to take a walk through our vineyards to notice that, first and foremost the time-worn trunks and the traditional growing methods.

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Original wines from ancient Tuscan varieties.
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