Your typical Tuscan farm

The landscape

Bonsalto looks like your typical Tuscan farm. The vineyard is at the centre of the project but it shares its space with other trees, from woods to olive trees, in a varied, biodiversity-rich ecosystem. The property is shaped like a typical “hillock”, with the buildings on top and the grapevines clambering up and down the slopes, some of which can be quite steep indeed, tracing the folds of the land in which the hand of man and the hand of nature are clearly visible.

In addition to some old farmsteads, including one used as a cellar, the property has a small lake. A precious resource in droughty seasons and to grow the new vineyards. The wood and some little brooks trace a sort of natural boundaries, turning Bonsalto into a sort of “Cru Monopole“, virtually autarchic and sharply outlined.

The area
The landscape

``Bonsalto is a sort of ``Cru Monopole``, virtually autarchic and sharply outlined``

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